The Less Method™ : 6 Weeks to Less : Home Edition

October 8, 2017: The Challenge Begins!

You finished the book, you’re excited, but now what? Take the course and join the LESS Method™ challenge!
You might have some questions, such as…

Why should I take this course?

Because you are somewhere you don’t want to be. I get it. I’ve been there, too.

You’re exhausted, swimming in stuff, and maybe even ashamed that you’ve spent your hard-earned cash on things you no longer want. Now you’re dreaming of how fast you can get rid of it and find some much needed peace.

You want to walk into your bathroom at 6am and be greeted by clutter-free counters holding just those products you use and love.

You want to open your closet and see clothes you actually want to wear.

You want to reclaim your kitchen from the random paper and stuff that seems to breed in your sleep.

You want some relief.

And let’s face it… the holidays are coming soon and you want your home in order before that hoopla happens!

I hear you. And here’s how you’re gonna get it:

1. Starting Oct 8, you, me, and a few fabulous friends are going to get together online every Sunday night… wine welcome. That time doesn’t work for you? No worries! Everything will be recorded so you can learn on your own time. 🙂 

2. I’ll send you cheat sheets/hacks, checklists and more…room by room, to make it even easier for you to be a minimizing genius in less time.

3. We’ll share our success stories AND before/disaster/after party photos in our private little Facebook group.

When does the course start?

Our first class will be Sunday, Oct 8 and our last will be Sunday, Nov 19. (Just think, you can host Thanksgiving dinner later that week in your newly decluttered home! Score!)

All classes will be at 8pm, Eastern. That time doesn’t work for you? No worries! Everything will be recorded so you can learn on your own time. 🙂

What will I learn?

  • Week 1: The Bathroom: Look gorgeous in less time!
  • Week 2: The Kitchen: We’re gonna whip your kitchen into shape so that cooking and entertaining is a breeze!
  • Week 3: The Bedroom: Make room for clothes you actually want to wear.
  • Week 4: Paper Clutter: Learn the tricks to plough through your paper piles like a pro!
  • Week 5: Gathering Rooms: We’ll clear that clutter so you can actually ENJOY your family and friends instead of always picking up.
  • Week 6: Storage Wars: A fun final challenge so you can find what you need when you need it!

It’s time to DO THIS! That clutter won’t clear itself, so grab your spot now!

Yes! I’d like to declutter my house in just 6 weeks! Sign me up for $79.