Rose Lounsbury, Minimalism Coach

Rose Lounsbury is a decluttering expert, bestselling author, public speaker, and still-sane mom of triplets who helps others find peace of mind by decluttering their homes and lives.

Rose, a former middle school teacher, started her journey toward minimalism in 2012. Tired of spending her free time constantly picking up clutter in her own home–only to do it all over again the next day–Rose became inspired to simply live with less.

And it worked.

Over a period of eight months, she decluttered every nook and cranny in her home, transforming the constant clutter into calm.

She became a minimalism coach to help others do the same thing.

Are you drowning in stuff and feel like there’s no way out?

Do you want to enjoy your life instead of just surviving each day?

Do you want freedom from the excess stuff that is absorbing your precious time and energy?

Rose has experienced firsthand the life change that minimalism can bring and wants to share it with you.

Contact her for information about one-on-one coaching or speaking events.

Or sign-up for one of her transformational LESS Method™ online courses.

And start kissing that clutter goodbye!